New Century Visa Check Card

Use the check Card Like A check

The Visa Check card adds an exciting new dimension to your credit union share draft checking account, by letting you make purchases quickly and easily. Use the Check Card to purchase goods and services as if you were writing a check. Only instead of dealing with the customary red tape associated with writing a check, you simply hand the merchant your Check Card.

Use it Like an ATM Card

The check card can be used like an ATM Card at any participating network ATM as well as thousands of other locations around the world. Get instant cash with it. Transfer funds or make deposits at select locations.

With our Visa Check Card, Shopping is more Convenient Than Ever! The Check Card comes with all the exceptional benefits of our checking account. Best of all, it's accepted worldwide at millions of merchants displaying the VISA logo.

It's Simple to Use

Give the merchant the card or swipe the card, push or say credit, and sign. It's that simple to complete the transaction from your checking account.

It's Simple to Get

The more you value your free time, the more you will appreciate the extra convenience of our Check Card. So why not leave the checkbook at home and make life easier. Sign up today by completing an application. Before you know it, you will be enjoying more time for all the things you would rather be doing.

You must have a New Century Share Draft Account in order to sign up for a Check Card.

Lost or Stolen

If you unfortunately have your Visa Check Card lost or stolen please call out office right away, and we will take the necessary steps to correct the situation right away. If you need to call after hours, the number to report your lost or stolen card is (800)523.4175.

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