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The equity in your home is the difference between the amount on your first mortgage and what your home is really worth. The biggest advantage of home ownership is the financial power you gain from the equity in your home. The interest on these types of loans may even be tax deductible. The loan officers at New Century can show you how to take advantages of this ideal money source. A home equity loan can be used to pay the tuition for your children's education, finance home improvements, allow you to take advantage of investment opportunities, debt consolidation or even help you assume an existing mortgage on a new home. Regardless of how you choose to use the money, a home equity loan can be an often overlooked source of money for whatever your needs are.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Line of Credit

It is also possible to set up your loan to be paid automatically by a payroll deductionInformationPayroll Deduction With payroll deduction, you can make your loan payments automatically or deposit money into your savings, checking or any of your other accounts at New Century. You can even deposit funds into your spouse's or children's accounts. You choose how to distribute the money and it is done automatically. Contact your payroll or human resources person, or stop in to one of our locations and speak to one of the tellers at New Century. . if you wish.

In addition to financing your home equity loan, New Century offers Credit Life and Disability Insurance to protect you against unforseen events that can happen.

If you would like to find out an estimate of your payments, please try out our loan calculator.

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