Promoting thrift is one of the main purposes of a credit union. At New Century Federal Credit Union we strive to make saving worth your while. Whether it's just a Savings Account, a Christmas Club, a Vacation Club, a Tax Account, or a Share Certificate of Deposit, deposits can be made through payroll deductions, by mail, or at any of our credit union locations. All savings accounts have statements that are mailed out quarterly. Find out the current rates for any of these accounts. Your account is insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA, an agency of the Federal Government.

Regular Share Account

Must maintain a minimum balance of $25.00. This share account represents a share in the credit union which entitles you to actively take part in the running of your credit union. This share earns dividends on the Average Daily Balance Method, which is paid quarterly. Deposits to this accounts may be made through the mail, in person, direct deposit, or through a payroll deduction. The dividend rate for this account is not determined until the end of each quarter.

Special Purpose Accounts

On top of the basic Share Accounts, New Century offers many special savings accounts to help meet your investment needs.

All accounts earn dividends on the Average Daily Balance Method and are paid quartery at the same rate as the regular share account #1. Follow along to see our current rates for all of our share accounts.

Christmas Club

The Christmas Club is a special savings account to help save for your annual holiday shopping. Dividends are posted quarterly, based on the Average Daily Balance Method. This account can be opened at any time, and matures after the last day of September. No early withdrawal of funds without closure of the account.

Vacation Accounts

Want to get away to that special place, start a Vacation Club and with a small deposit every paycheck, you could be wisking away to that special place for your next vacation. There is no starting date and no ending date. You determine when you want to take that vacation. Deposits can be taken from your paycheck, either through direct depositInformationDirect Deposit There is no need to wait in line to make a deposit at New Century. Paychecks and government payments (IRS Refunds, Social Security Checks, etc.) can be handled through direct deposit. With direct deposit, all or a portion of your check or payment is sent directly to New Century where you have quick access to your funds. This offers you the safety of never having a lost or stolen check and the convenience of having your deposit made, even if you are out-of-town, sick or too busy to get to one of our New Century offices. To find out how to set up your direct deposit, give anyone at New Century a call, and we will walk you through the process of setting this up., or through a payroll deductionInformationPayroll Deduction With payroll deduction, you can make your loan payments automatically or deposit money into your savings, checking or any of your other accounts at New Century. You can even deposit funds into your spouse's or children's accounts. You choose how to distribute the money and it is done automatically. Contact your payroll or human resources person, or stop in to one of our locations and speak to one of the tellers at New Century. . Stop in today and set up a Vacation Club, and then get ready for your next trip.

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